Home Made Dog Food

So what is better for your dog than homemade dog food or the stuff that you get in cans. Certainly the canned kind of dog food is more convenient but is it the healthiest for your pet.

The problem is that you can’t always be sure exactly what is in canned dog food. This is because according to the Federal Drug Administration itself there is no requirement that pet food products must have approval. The FDA only requires that the ingredients be truthfully labeled and that the food not contain any ingredients that are “deleterious” to the animal. However that word  “deleterious” can be defined many different ways. The dog food manufacturer is the one who decided what kind of additives; animal body parts or fillers are bad for a dog to eat. This of course is a conflict of interest because the manufacturer is always going to say that it is cheapest ingredients that are good for your pet. This is why you will find all kinds of dog foods out on the mark with cellulose-based fillers in them, which could affect a canine digestive system in a negative way or cause obesity.

Like it or not, a dog is a carnivore. However many people that are fans of home made dog food insist that it is all about making them vegetarian meals. This is not fair to your dog that does not have the teeth or digestive juices to handle this type of diet. By making your dog a homemade mash of vegetables instead of giving him canned dog food or fresh meat you are putting him or her at severe risk of anemia.

However there is another school of cooking when it comes to making home made dog food and that is that your dog is healthier if you cook the meat yourself and serve it to him. This of course makes a great deal of sense.

The benefits of homemade dog food are better control over your dog’s diet in general. You can control the amount of protein and fat he eats and unless you are shaking MSG in it you can be assured there are no additives in the food. If you fry the food you can actually drain the fat like you would for a human. There is also no risk of food poisoning due to a sabotage of manufacturing processes

To keep your dog healthy serving up your own home made dog food might be a great idea especially if you want to have more control over what your pet eats. You could purchase specialty meats such as rabbit or other types of game at a pet food store or you could go the much cheaper route and by ordinary hamburger or other types of meat in a supermarket. The benefits to making your own home made dog food are that you are never blindsided by the sight of your dog being sick or getting too fat possibly as the result of what he or she is eating.